What makes us different


Not your ordinary lending company


1.  Credit Score is not our priority. 

We acknowledge that not everybody has a perfect credit score and that is totally reasonable. Your credit score is not the only criteria we look at, we always attempt to provide you with an appropriate and comfortable amount suited towards your repayment capabilities!

2.  Industry Leading Customer Service.

We take pride in our reputation of having top of the line customer support! Our customer support team are fully trained in listening to your needs and expectations and have experience in dealing with a wide variety of solutions.

3. Flexible Repayment Options. 

Some people like cats, some people like dogs. The same goes for money, many prefer the convenience and efficiency of online payments while others stick with the security and reliability of cash. We prioritize flexibility in repayments by allowing payments to be made either by e-transfer, or by cash/cheque at our office locations. 

4. Transparency is Key

We ensure that all of our loan terms and details are shared with you prior to any loan with us, in addition all information is accessible to you within our database, and if you have any questions our experienced customer support team will not hesitate to assist.

5. High Customer Return Rate

It is no secret that our customers return to us on a continual basis, our customers are not just a number in a system but rather a part of our family. Our overall mission is to assist Canadians with their money needs and to get them back on track financially, our customers do not hesitate to inform us of personal situations and updates of their current needs, and we are always here to help.